It's Wednesday morning, and if we're honest, we're already more confused than a kitten in a candy store and it's all Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence's fault. ARGH. Yep, the rumours around the whole confusing threesome keep on rolling in, what with N-Hoult and J-Law being on and off more times than a light switch, and Houlty and K-Stew's super fishy date that wasn't a date but definitely was.

NOW. In a not-so-surprising but still blubfest-inducing turn of events, a 'snitch' has revealed to the Daily Star that #Kricholas is an ACTUAL thang. Dun dun duuuuun. Or something.

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are on - Images -

Reliable aye?

According to the source, the two met when filming Equals in Japan,  "Nick is besotted with Kristen. They’re a match made in Heaven, as they’re both anti-fame and share a very strong work ethic.

“Almost as soon as Jennifer told Nick it was over between them, he began seeing Kristen.

“But they were both worried about making the news public. For one thing, they’re private at the best of times, but they also didn’t want people thinking there was any overlap in their relationships.”

Ouchies. Bet J-Law is thrilled, right?

Erm, yeah probably not. But as the source revealed,: “Their split won’t last. They’ve broken up before but they always get back together.”

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence are dating - Images -


Except we're secretly hoping that they do. Because OTP.

Hashtag sadface. But what are your thoughts on this whole debacle? Reckon Kricholas are an *actual* thing? Thoughts please...

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