Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by a completely untrue, over the top and entirely made up story about Harry Styles’ love life. Okay so that’s like, everyone then. You probably thought that the trauma of Haylor was something never to be spoken of again, but it’s back with a VENGEANCE.

Yup, while we’re still recovering from the Hendall era, some bright spark has decided to bring back Harry and Taylor Swift’s romantic glory days, to say that apparently Swifty is hoping to bag an invite to the Zerrie wedding. Sure. Right-o then.

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Harry and Taylor

Just when you thought it was safe to start playing the Red album again without the memories of orange beanie, wash bag and NYE kisses haunting your braincells, someone has claimed that Taylor has her fingers crossed for an invite to Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ big day.

And it’s not just because she wants to see them tie the knot, wear a pretty frock, lead the party Macarena or hit the expensive buffet table either. Apparenty Swizzlestick wants to flirt with EVERYONE, and make Harry jealous. Obviously.

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FansShare reckons: “Taylor wants to go to the wedding so that she can flirt with some of the male guests to try and make her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles jealous.”

Yes. Of course. Because days before her worldwide live stream and the release of highly anticipated new music and the name of her next album, Taylor Swift is focusing on what she’s going to wear to the Zerrie wedding to make her ‘ex-boyfriend’ dribble. We can’t even.

Taylor Swift

Does Taylor even know Perrie? Or Zayn, for that matter?

Will she arrive in a taxi at the last minute to the soundtrack of Busted’s Crashed The Wedding and cast a spell over them all like a scorned spinster Disney villain? Christ we hope so.

We have many, many things that we could say about this whole lolworthy story, but the general reaction can be summed up quite nicely with one of our favourite GIFs ever.

Taylor Swift

Word, Swifty.

Comments below about this whole hoo-har please. Is Taylor ACTUALLY wanting a Zerrie invite? Would Harry give a flying banana if she did actually turn up? Is there more truth inside a bag of Maltesers? Let us know.

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