Miley Cyrus lookalike gets called out by actual Miley on the Bangerz tour: 'You look better than I do'

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We hear about a lot of celeb lookalikes trying their hand at making a living from looking a bit like someone, and usually they’re really quite spectacularly crap (never forget the world’s worst Harry Styles lookalike, bless him).

But we reckon that this new Miley Cyrus impersonator should probably win some kind of award, because not only does she look like she was separated at birth from Milez, but even ACTUAL Miley was a bit confused when she spotted her in the crowd at a Bangerz gig. Gawd that’d be weird.

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Miley CYrus

Both those photos are the lookalike, not actual Miley. HOW WEIRD AND AMAZING IS IT? Our teeny tiny minds have officially been blown.

19 year old Jessica Villafane turns heads wherever she goes thanks to her short blonde pixie crop, red lippie and Cyrus-style wardrobe, as she works professionally as a Miley lookalike, apparently raking in up to $2000 per public appearance. Eesh.

But she got the ultimate seal of approval last week when she was spotted in the crowd by her celeb twin during the Kansas City Bangerz show.

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After seeing her, Miley shouted: “You look better than I do. That is the coolest thing ever! I have a doll that looks just like you at home”.

Miley Cyrus

Errr yup, that’s not Miley. That’s Jessica. SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON.

Jessica is a dedicated Miley fan, having started impersonating her back in the Hannah Montana days and following her big image change to keep up. She told the Daily Star: "When I walked out of the house, people would make comments like, 'Oh my god, is that really Hannah Montana?’"

"I even memorise all her big performances, like her wacky VMA performance so I can recreate them on stage. I find it really fun and I love impersonating my idol - and getting paid for it is a bonus."

"I love how confident she is, she doesn't care what people think of her and that's so inspiring. Young girls need a good role model and I think she's perfect", Jessica added.

Miley Cyrus

That’s real Miley, just to clear things up. Although we’re faily convinced they’re actually the same person.

The big news at the end of the night was that Jessica then bagged a phone call from Miley’s manager after being spotted in the crowd, and was invited to work as an official lookalike for her idol. AMAZING.

Can you believe how similar Miley and Jessica look? Reckon she’s the best celeb lookalike ever? Comments in the box below, tah.

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