Life according to.. James from Eliza and the Bear

Aka the only man on earth who DOESN'T LIKE COLD FOOD

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Eliza and the Bear might be the new kids on the music scene, but their single 'It Gets Cold' is all over BBC Radio 1 and it's easy to see why. When we had a chinwag with lead vocals type fella James, we put him through his paces with our 'Life According To..' interview, and let's just say he's not the best person to take on a picnic. 


You all know me as…

James from Eliza and the Bear I guess.

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But my closest friends call me…

Kellegher, which is my second name. That's kind of like my nickname, I've never been called James by any of my friends. You know when someone calls you James, it's just weird? I have three other friends who are called James who are in our close friend group so it can get pretty confusing.

My spirit animal would be…

I tweeted about this about three weeks ago, Anna Kendrick is my spirit animal. She's amazing on twitter and she just says everything that I feel like I wanna say myself. She's on my level, I feel like we're the same person. 

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My patronus would be...

I saw this question and decided to do an online quiz! Apparently I'm a stag, which I'm gonna get tattooed so it's quite coincidental that my patronus is a stag.

If I'm at a buffet table, the first thing I reach for is..

The sweets. The chocolates, little cakes. Anything like that. I have a really weird thing where I don't like food that's supposed to be hot when it's cold. If I was at a buffet and there was cold chicken, I'd be like: 'Right can I heat this up?' I could eat it but I'd have to heat it up, it has to be hot.

My go to karaoke song is...

'Back in Black' by AC/DC, because it's so high and I can't sing it, but it sounds really funny when you try it. It's just hard to sing and it's ridiculous when you're drunk and you think you sound great but you really don't.

If I got my leg stuck down a toilet, the first person I'd call is...

Apart from a plumber, my mum probably. Everyone wants their mum when they get in trouble. She wouldn't help much, but she'd be able to comfort me and tell me I'm an idiot and tell me it will be fine in the end.

I'd send people who.... to the moon.

Still send game invites on Facebook. I reckon I get three or four every single day and it's like a) how have you still got time to play games on Facebook? and b) why are you still playing games on Facebook? Everyone knows they're rubbish. It's the same group of people everyday. Some of them are family members!

My phone background is...

A picture of my girlfriend, standard. I'm not in it, but she has a picture of me as well. It's a selfie, she took it, uploaded it to Instagram and then sent it to me and I kind of liked it so I put it as my background, I thought it deserved displaying.

If I adopted a famous person, I think I'd choose...

If he doesn't win an Oscar this year, I think Leonardo DiCaprio is gonna need a bit of looking after. Hopefully I'm not gonna have to adopt him but if he doesn't win I'm gonna take him under my wing, gonna help him out and look after him.

If there's eggs for breakfast, I'll have them..

Scrambled. I'm one of those weird people who doesn't eat the yolk in the egg. I have no idea why, but it's weird and gooey and orange and it just doesn't sit very well with me. Scramble them? Great. Keep the yolk in when it's scrambled, it's just the way it looks in a fried egg.

If I could take three items to space with me, they would be...

My phone, if I could have wifi. Does a charger fall under the same bracket? OK, I'd have a phone but no charger and just let it die. A guitar because you'd probably be able to write a pretty cool song about being in space, and a camera so you could prove you were in space. Take space selfies, so it could be my girlfriend's background.

Behind the scenes, It Gets Cold video shoot ⛄️

A photo posted by Eliza and the Bear (@elizaandthebear) on

I first realised I was famous when...

I definitely don't feel like we're famous, but when I first met my girlfriend I told her I was in a band for a living and just kind of looked at me like 'Oh right, you don't have a real job'. She said the first time I get recognised in public is when she'll take it seriously. So I got recognised and she took a photo of me with the guys that recognised me. We were going to see a band called Prides and we were just walking in and some guy turned around and recognised our band/

I would like... to jump out of a giant cake on my birthday

Stevie Wonder. Imagine him singing 'Happy Birthday' to you!

The thing that would most annoy you most about me is...

The fact that I hate going out to parties. You know when someone is like 'Ahh let's go out to this huge party or we can stay in and watch films', I'd definitely rather stay in and watch films. I don't mind socialising but I just get really bored. I'm just standing around like 'I could definitely be chilling out watching Jeremy Kyle'. I'm a bit of a boring person.

My ultimate pearls of wisdom for the world are...

For us it was just being ourselves. Be yourself is one of my pearls of wisdom. Be a first rate you not a second rate them. Do your own thing. Carve your own niche. 

Eliza and the Bear's new single 'It Gets Cold' is out now, you can purchase it here and find out about their tour here. They release their self-titled album on April 8th.

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