Life according to...Danielle Peazer

To celebrate the launch of her awesome Young & Gifted fragrance and makeup collection

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Not content with being a dancer, blogger, fitness ambassador-type for Reebok and just all round life goals, Danielle Peazer's teamed up with Young & Gifted to curate (ooh, fancy) a brand spankin' new fragrance and makeup collection. Said collection's essentially three fragrances (representing Love, Peace and Happiness) and three super-cute eye palettes to suit *any* mood; so obviously we had to catch up with her for a chinwag about it.

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Now usually, with these celeb fragrances, you wonder just how much input the person who's name's plastered all over it actually had. That ain't the case with our D-Peaz, though. Nu-uh, honey. She's been involved errrrrry step of the way and is basically just well passionate about it all. Hooray.

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Oh hey, Danielle. Your new fragrance launch is pretty exciting, innit? What can you tell us about it?

It's been a long process, since the end of 2014, and it's been so exciting picking the products. I came up with the stupid, but hopefully brilliant, idea of creating three fragrances - one named 'Peace,' one named 'Love' and one named 'Happiness' so we were then looking at three with three eye palettes. Then it was like 'let's go.'

I was up in the board room smelling fragrances, testing out different eye palette colours and getting super involved from the beginning and wanted to create something I one hundred per cent, not just put my name to it.

What were your inspirations makeup wise, then?

I looked at my own makeup cabinet and what I like in an eye shadow; a mixture of matte and shimmer, different tones that blend well together and a really good pigment so you don't need to apply a lot. It's the same with the fragrances; not too overpowering and three different fragrances but with a running theme.

We also introduced a new technology that allows the wearer to layer one, two or three fragrances together to create a totally new fragrance. It's almost the chance to create your own unique scent which is really exciting.

Cute. If you had to describe the collection in three words that aren't 'love,' 'peace' and 'happiness,' what would they be?

Ooh, this one's tough. I'd say comforting, enjoyable and exciting.

Perfect. Right, now to get down to the serious stuff. You all know me as...

Danielle Peazer.

But my closest friends call me...

They call my Peazer, straight for the surname. I know quite a few Danielles.

My spirit animal would be...

Maybe Beyoncé. Yeah, has to be.

If I'm at a buffet table, the first thing I reach for is...

Sausage rolls. That one was so easy, as well. Love a sausage roll.

My go-to karaoke song is...

Do you know what? Me and one of my best friends Erin do 'Move' by Little Mix. It's actually really embarrassing. Jade knows as well, she's sat there and watched us. Let's just say she won't be asking to add any members to the band any time soon. But she's always dancing in front of me, so all's fair.

If I got my leg stuck down a toilet, the first person I'd call is...

My mum, who also wouldn't be able to help me. My dad could probably help me more, but it's gotta be my mum. If in doubt, call your mum.

My phone background is...

My best friend sent me on Snapchat a picture with the rainbow mouth, so it's actually her doing that. I screenshotted it and it made me laugh so much I set it as my background.

If I adopted a famous person, I think I'd choose...

I'm gonna say Cara Delevingne just because she's super fun and she knows all the great hook ups, so why not her? She took her dog to the Chanel show the other day.

If I could take three items into space with me, they'd be...

I'd take hand cream, I wouldn't take my phone 'cos I couldn't use it, I'd take a camera because obviously I couldn't call anyone and then I'd take a book in case I got bored of being up there. It'd probably be pretty boring.

On my birthday I'd jump out of a giant cake:

Oh God. Lady Gaga, 'cos she's not just gonna give you a standard jump out.

The thing that would annoy you most about me is...

I always forget who I've said what to, so I'll always reat the same story to people who've heard it and I have a really bad habit of doing that. Which is why I'm not very good at keeping secrets. Also it's not good to be bitchy, especially me 'cos I'm just not good at it.


What d'ya make of that, then? Well excited for Danielle's  collection? Tweet us over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please and a-thank you.

The Young & Gifted range will be available in all The Fragrance Shop stores from 5th February. Online pre-order from 31st January.


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