Hilary Duff not a real actress?

Original Bonnie and Clyde actress Faye Dunaway spoke out against Hilary when it was confirmed she'd star in the remake, saying "Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" - oooh, harsh!

Bonnie and Clyde was based on the true story of a love-struck couple who stole and robbed their way around America.  Faye Dunaway was not only an amazing actress but a 60's style icon with her nipped-in skirt suits, red lips and trademark beret.

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But Hilary didn't take the criticism lying down!  She fought back with a couple of digs claiming no young people really know who Faye is and that she's not ageing well -ouch!  But does Hilary have a point, or should she show more respect to her Hollywood elders?

We can't wait to see if Hilary can live up to the notorious Bonnie, but we're not yet sure if she's edgy enough to play a lustful criminal...

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