When Sugar styled Ashley Tisdale as an 80's disco diva she loved the shots so much she snapped the on-screen versions on her Blackberry to send to her Mum!

The day's shoot was hectic but Sugar's Kate managed to play a pretty revealing game of word tennis with the HSM star.

Ever wondered what Ashley's instant reaction to Zac, Miley and the Jonas is?

Check it out here!

Sugar says: Summer, Ashley says: “My birthday”

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Sugar says: Zac, Ashley says: “My brother”

Sugar says: Love, Ashley says: “The best feeling ever”

Sugar says: Miley, Ashley says: “My little sister”

Sugar says: Karaoke, Ashley says: “Grease”

Sugar says: Blog, Ashley says: “Perez Hilton”

Sugar says: Shoes, Ashley says: “Christian Laboutins”

Sugar says: Pickle, Ashley says: “I love them”

Sugar says: Jonas, Ashley says: “My homeboys”

Get your hands on the July issue of Sugar (out May 27) to see the whole Ashley shoot!


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