Talk about butterflies in the stomach, we've got bat's flapping about in ours! The excitement of New Moon is one thing, seeing RPatz topless and snogging is in a whole other realm. Kristen has the best job in the world... ever!

Let's go through the stages... (try and hold it together ladies)

The looking into the eyes and grabbing of the hair (ahhhhhhh)...


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The bitter sweet kiss... 

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The, I can't feel my legs anymore snog! 

Wowzers, we know what we'll be thinking about all day! Do you love Robert Pattinson, of course you do, then check out more on him here... We'd just like to thank the guy who is standing right in the way of our view of Robert Pattinson's bare chest, thanks for that! Grrr!

We hope you've come round after that little New Moon spoiler, and if you can string a sentence together we'd love to hear what you think?! Comments please...

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