Guess who you can get action figures of?

Although to be fair, you probably CAN get action figures of Carlisle and Jasper Cullen so you're not completely disqualified if you did think these pale, odd, weird dolls were indeed them.

No, no, forget the Cullens for a second and have a think. Who else is it that you're currently OBSESSED with? Come on, thiiiink....

YES. You've got it. It's bloody Jedward.

The genius people at have tapped in to Jedders mania and crafted a pair of John and Edward dolls which they are flogging for charidee on eBay.

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Just think, Barbie could ACTUALLY date John doll. And then have an affair with Edward doll. And then be turned in to an immortal Barbie doll by Carlisle and Jasper dolls. Oh to be ten these days. We just got boring old Sindy and Skipper.

Oh and relive the weekend's Jedward why don't you...

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