OMG! We've got the FULL Eclipse trailer!

OMG! *Deep breaths* We just watched the FULL Eclipse trailer and now we're having a little difficulty composing ourselves! And we know you won't believe us, but we never imagined it would actually be THIS amazing! (Well, maybe that's a lie. But seriously, this is just TOO good!)

So we think the best thing for us to do now is stop ranting about the sheer awesomeness of this clip and just bloomin' well show it to you! Hold on to your seats ladies...

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A-MAZING! Right!? Oh, how good it is to see Edward and all his beauty and Jacob and all his, err, toplessness back on our screens again! We actually don't know how we're going to wait until June to see the film...

We'd give our right arm to replace Kristen Stewart in this scene!

So, Team Edward or Team Jacob!? Comments please!


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