Oops! Rihanna lets slip Katy and Russell's wedding plans...

Just because you’re fabulous and famous and so are your friends, doesn’t mean that they don’t still blab your personal stuff to everyone, just ask Katy Perry!

Katy’s BFF Rihanna was on a radio show yesterday when she managed to spill the beans on Katy’s wedding plans. Ri-Ri is in charge of organising Katy’s hen do (OMG how cool will that night be?!), and when explaining her dilemma of having to come up with something amazing let slip where and when the big day will be taking place!

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She said: “I have to come up with something cool because she is getting married in India, so I’m like ‘OK, now what do I do to match that?’ That’s at the end of the year, so I’ve got some time to plan.

Oooohhhhh India! How glam is that going to be? And oh so romantic too getting married in the country that Russell proposed in *sigh*.

The big day (which we reckon surely has to be wedding of the year?) will have an ‘interesting’ assortment of guests, including David Walliams, Liam Gallagher and Taylor Swift – we'd love to see the table plan!

Do you think Katy and Russell make the perfect couple? What kind of hen party would you organise for the quirky songstress? Comments please!

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