Hurrah! Dannii WILL return to X Factor!

After a few months of wondering exactly what Ms. Minogue would be doing about her X Factor judging spot we are happy to report that the Aussie beauty will be on the show this year! Hooray!

During a meeting with the show’s producer yesterday it was decided that Dannii will miss the audition stages of the hit show, due to the minor detail that she’ll be giving birth, but will return in time for the judge’s houses part in September.

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There will be guest judges filling in for Dan for the early stages of the contest and therefore saving her from all the major cringe worthy wannabes. It has not been confirmed who any of these guests might be, but it has been rumoured that big sis Kylie will pop along and do a bit of rating and slating, which if you ask us, is very cool!

A source told the Daily Mirror: “After the last series finished there was a lot of confusion over whether Dannii would stay or not. However it became clear how popular she was.” Yes she is popular, we love her… and her clothes. Oh and her hair. And her accent’s pretty cool too…

The insider added: “Dannii is delighted. She has a baby on the way, a loving boyfriend and a new TV deal.” Wow, life sounds pretty sweet for Dannii right now.

Are you happy about Dannii’s return, can you actually imagine The X Factor without her? Comments please!

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