Attention drivers: Peugeot offer FREE car insurance!

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Like a freshly sprayed tan, new cars need looking after. But while we're more than happy to spend hours exfoliating, buffing and spritzing our skin this summer, spending hours sorting out paper work or visiting a sweaty garage seems like too much hard work. Luckily, Peugeot is at hand to save you from the toil and boil of keeping your car in good shape, so you can get back to maintaining all the other things in life.

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Just Add FuelTM is a brand new way to run your car. It's an all-inclusive deal which provides comprehensive motor insurance, road fund license, vehicle servicing, helpful roadside assistance and warranty all in a three year finance package with one simple fixed monthly payment. Just Add FuelTM allows Peugeot to take care of all of your motoring necessities; all you need to do is to pick up the keys, choose your motoring tracks and hit the road.

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Available now this low cost and low stress scheme allows you to budget for a fixed rate, for three whole years, without worrying about any big bills or fees lurking around the corner. And if you choose to sign up again in three years you can pick a brand new ride to fall in love with all over again. For those stylish girls in the city looking for a perfect summer ride the 207CC Sport is the one for you. With a simple monthly payment of £257 you will own the hottest summer coupe and will not have to worry about anything except what outfit to wear, whilst driving your very own chic soft top in the sunshine.

Younger customers looking for their first new car can also benefit from the ease of Just Add FuelTM as the 107 Millesim model is available for those from 21 years of age. Peugeot is also treating customers who order a brand new spanking car in July with a free Nokia 5230 Smartphone with a state of the art inbuilt satellite navigation. Let Peugeot treat you to the best summer ride of your life. Err... WOW!

Peugeot help young drivers save on insurance costs with their ground breaking Just Add Fuel programme

• Just Add Fuel scheme gets you much more for your money, especially if you are a 21 year old first time buyer
• 21 year old drivers can drive away in a new Peugeot 107 Millesim with fully comprehensive insurance cover for just £197/month over three years
• That cost is cheaper than what they would pay for insurance alone – in London a 21 year old first time driver in a new Peugeot 107 will pay on average £235/month
• For the price of insurance alone (based in London) – Just Add Fuel allows a 21 year old to get their hands on a new Peugeot 107 without breaking the bank. Included is fully comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, road tax and maintenance.
• Just Add Fuel is the all-inclusive deal that simplifies your life and lets you budget for a fixed rate.
• Get behind the wheel of a Peugeot and all you need to do is Just Add Fuel.

Are you looking to get your first car? This may just be the best way, Sugarscapers! Perhaps you should be considering Peugeot and their Just Add Fuel scheme.

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