Is there really nothing in the world Taylor Swift can't do? After making a name for herself in the music industry while she was still a teen, Taylor has since become known as a style icon and A-list actress to boot. 

And after the success of her first film role in last February's Valentine's Day, it looks like Taylor's set to grace the silver screen again in the sequel, New Year's Eve.

But it's reported that Taylor, who starred alongside Hollywood veterans including Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper in the original film, is the only star to be snapped up for the sequel. And while we applaud Taylor for her achievement, we can't help but be (more than) a little gutted her ex-boyfriend and former co-star Taylor Lautner looks unlikely to return to set.

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A source told E! News: "They were thinking about having Taylor Swift be in college at NYU.

"They were throwing her name out there a while back."

Ever the optimisits, here at Sugarscape we reckon Taylor Lautner might just fly in for a cameo and a romantic kiss with Taylor Swift as the clocks chime midnight in New York City. Now how's that for a happy ending?

But with Breaking Dawn set to start filming in November any idea of an on-screen reunion for Taylor Squared is perhaps a little pie in the sky. Still, without hope we have nothing.

Would you like to see a Taylor Squared reunion? Are you looking forward to New Year's Eve?

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