What's Katy Perry doing now?!

So according to our friends at I heart Katy Perry (God, look at this site, they really do heart her!) the future Mrs Brand is about to make her proper acting debut in Gossip Girl.

No word on what her character is yet, but she's sure to give bitchy Blair and fiesty Serena a run for thier money. And maybe she'll get in an arm wrestle with Little J?

Either way, it'll be unmissable TV.

By they way we totally love this photo.

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Why's she posing in front of a blue tarpaulin skip?

Who's the old dude LOLing at her?

And why's he standing next to an old-fashioned hoover?

Anyway, she's set to appear in the 7th episode of the 4th series which starts over here in September. And she's rumoured to be singing (of course).

Here's a taster for Season 4.


So are you still a fan of Gossip Girl?

Or, as far as you're concerned, can they XOXO themselves?

Comments please...

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