The REAL reason Demi Lovato is in rehab

Poor old Demi Lovato. First she got dumped by Joe Jonas, then last month she entered a rehab centre to deal with 'emotional and physical issues' and now she's facing a law suit from an ex-friend.

And you think not getting an Xmas card off your crush is rough.

Don't start feeling sorry for her just yet: Demi's been holed up in her treatment centre for a month now but reports have started emerging that the real reason behind her rehab is because she whacked one of her back-up dancers in the face. Ouch.

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According to sources, the punch-up, which took place on a swanky private jet, saw Demi sock back-up dancer Alex Welch 'clean out of her seat”' for no apparent reason. Rowdy Demi was then removed from the plane in Colombia, South America for her diva-strop behaviour.

Now photos of Alex's purple eye bruises have been sweeping internet gossip sites and it looks like things are about to get even nastier for the ex-besties, who had been touring together for years and even danced in a Camp Rock 2 dance number together before Demi pulled an X- Factor AbLisa on her mate.

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Alex, who reached the finals of telly show America's Best Dance Crew with her street dance team, has even talked about suing the Camp Rock Star over the incident, but Demi's dad has told her not to bother because 'she won't win - Demi has really good lawyers.'

Now Demi, everyone loves a good boogie to Beat It, but that's no reason to take it seriously, is it?

What do you guys reckon? If your mate pulled a Demi on you would you post the pics online? Threaten to sue? Or maybe just be the better person and move on? Comments below please!


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