YouTube star Charlie McDonnell presents Channel 4 show!

You may recognise Charlie McDonnell from his youtube site charlieissocoollike where he's had over 70 million video views. Which, in case you were wondering, is a lot. Well, turns out 70 million people can't all be wrong and if you haven't checked him out yet you should as he's genuinely really funny, cute and quite clever.

Anyway, the good folk at Channel 4 also think he's cute and funny and have given him a presenting job on their new online series 'The Science Of Attraction' in which he and co-presenter Kat Abingade will discover what it is about people that makes them attractive. Which we've been wondering for years. Why doesn't Matt Lanter return our calls? Why doesn't he fancy us as much as we fancy him? Why did he kick us off his front lawn and throw away our binoculars that time? Why did he call the police? So. Many. Questions.

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Hopefully all will be revealed...

And just to give everything and exciting and slightly creepy (just us?) air of suspence, the whole shebang is introduced and fronted by Derren Brown - The King Of Mind Control.

The series will be broken down into 6 parts released weekly with the trio conducting lots of experiments to discover just what it is that makes us fancy the folk we do.

You should start looking for it at from early Jan. C4 haven't confirmed the exact start date yet, but it should be around the 4th or 6th of Jan. We can't wait. Especially for the task when three couples are asked to identify their partners just by the smell of their sweat. Yummy. Mince pie anyone?

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