Kellan Lutz and Tom Felton celebrate National Storytelling Week

As of tomorrow, it's officially National Storytelling Week! So if you love books already prepare to love them a little bit more, and if you don't, well, give it a go!

We'd never have had a topless Taylor Lautner on our screens (probably) and a vampy Robert Pattinson to drool over were it not for Stephenie Meyer's books remember. Nor would we lurrrve Daniel Radcliffe and the Harry Potter cast so much, so thanks JK Rowling!

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To help celebrate this national week of storytelling, folk at (the after school club) got close and personal with Twi-hunk Kellan Lutz and Harry Potter star Tom Felton, to talk book-to-film adaptations.

“The [Twilight] book has a huge part to play in why the films are so popular," said Kellan. "It's a great story about an endless love, which everybody falls in love with, but which is taken to the extreme. It really is both a dynamic book and story….it's really unique!”

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“There are so many fantastic book adaptations out there," gushed Tom. "The 'Twilight' books are a great example, and I think personally JK [Rowling] has really opened up such a great world for the youth to get really into books, really into franchises of books, and for them to be shown in a proper light with film."

"It’s fantastic they can do that…. I’m reading a fantastic book at the moment called 'The Boy Who Dared', by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. It’s amazing, and I think it would make such a fantastic film.”

Fancy getting involved too? Check out and for more info!

Do you love books? What's your fave book-to-film adaptation? Twilight? Harry Potter? Narnia? Comments please!

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