Dougie Poynter still not over Frankie Sandford!

We're sure Dougie Poynter knows exactly where we are should he need some company this Valentine's Day, but for now it seems the McFly fittie is gonna make do with his, er, dog.That is one lucky bitch. What? We can say it if the dog's a girl. Don't give us that look.

After splitting with Saturday Frankie Sandford in November last year, Dougie admits he's still not quite come to terms with it. Poor lad.

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'I don't think I'm over it yet,' says the Dougster in The Mirror. 'Something like that could take years. It's just time.

'For Valentine's this year it'll just be me and my dog.'

OH WE JUST WANT TO HUG HIM and then snog him a lot.

It must be hard for Dougie seeing as Frankie seems to have swanned off with footballer Wayne Bridge, but we're sure he's not short of a few ladies offering to spend some quality time with him to help him heal his broken heart...yoo hoo! Dougie!

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Also, he has said before how the rest of the lovely McFly lads are mighty good at cheering him up when he feels blue.

We can think of a few things they could do to cheer us up too... sing us a lovely song or bring round some scrummy cake.

Tsk. Why, what were YOU thinking? You're disgusting. Anyway, do you think Dougie will really be spending Valentine's with his dog? Who would you like to have round this Valentine's?

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