Derek Hough's to make his movie debut?

Derek Hough is taking time out from being a rock and blow drying his shoulder dry of Cheryl Cole's tears to make a movie. Oh yes, the mover and shaker, come Chezza's confidante is going to take a break from US Strictly to start work on his screen debut about a dancer in New York trying to make it big. Nice.

A year ago the only Derek we'd heard of was our Facilities Manager in the Sugarscape office, but Derek Hough hit the front pages after a number of pics emerged of him and Cheryl Cole. And the jury is still out whether the pair are more than just friends.

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While the Dancing With The Stars takes up most of his spare time (see below), Derek wants to diversify his skills to acting and now is in talks with film bosses about a gritty Hollywood role.


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