Taylor Momsen says Kelly Osbourne is great!

Taylor Momsen has gobbed off about Kelly Osbourne replacing her as the face of Madonna's clothing line, Material Girl.

Well, she hasn't gobbed off exactly, rather just 'spoken out quite nicely actually' about it all. We were wondering when she'd say something as we were a bit confused when we heard the news. Had Taylor been sacked for being naughty? Had her contract just run out? We had less of a clue than Justin Bieber does when he walks into glass doors.

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Taylor was really nice about the whole thing, and seemed pretty pleased for the lovely Kelly.

'It's fantastic, congratulations to her,' she said.

'She'll have so much fun working with Madonna but just like any other contract it naturally came to a close. My deal ended and passing the torch has gone to another great young woman.'

Ooh, another great young woman ey Taylor? Nice that you're so modest. But actually, we think you're pretty great too, so you just carry on.

'I'm excited to see the new photos,' Taylor says of the new Material Girl promo pics featuring Kelly. 'It was a great experience working with Madonna, I had so much fun doing it.'

Are you excited to see the new pics? We can't freakin WAIT. Kelly O's looking better every time we see her, and we're sure she'll look amazeballs in the campaign.

What do you guys think?

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