Leona Lewis wants to be in Glee

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Not content with having a stab at being a designer (give it up love you're not Victoria Beckham, she can't sing but her clothes designs are bloody good. The reverse is true for you), Leona Lewis has told E! Online that she wants to be in Glee. Don't we all? Join the queue! Or massively cut in front of us, that's what happens when you're bessies with Matthew Morrison (Mr Schue). Kind of like when your mate works at a club so you don't have to wait, but get scowled at as you walk past the queue. Yeah, well we're scowling.

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She's definitely keen to drop the good girl image if her recent look and lack of smile is anything to go by.  Leona said "I'd love to be on Glee. I'd love to play a rebel. Be a real biker chick in leather and covered in tattoos. A real badass. I could also play like a geek who becomes a swan."

We REALLY hope her acting skills are better than her design skills. We'd like her to stop wearing variations of the same bad outfit, it's never going to get better. It was bad in blue and purple it will be bad in pink and green. Learn.

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This is where it all began for Le-Lew (that's what we're going to call the new Leona).


She first showcased her new look with this bizarre outfit

We thought it was a one-off but alas, no. Covering her breasts in lips didn't work so how about a giant bow?

That didn't work either? Ok how about a longer purple pencil skirt and a massive blue support bra?

So she gave it another go with the outfit on the first page changing into a green support bra and pink pencil skirt. We don't think the phrase if at first you don't succeed, try and try again applies in this case.

Anyway Leona has definitely got the pipes to be in Glee, she could give Lea Michele a run for her money, but can she act well enough to play the bad ass that she wants to be but quite clearly isn't?

Comments please!

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