Has Glee's Mark Salling signed up for a boob-fest?

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There's not much we like more than a hot man with his shirt off - apart from maybe a cheese toastie with pesto in the middle - so this news excites us very much.

Mark Salling is said to have signed up to appear in shirts-off-abs-out Piranha 3D's sequel. This surely means he'll spend the entire film with his top off, in some kind of board shorts, looking fit, and occassionally getting wet, and then looking even fitter.

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What is it about wet men? Like the Davidoff advert...

We digress.

Also rumoured to have signed up to the film is Glee's Amber Riley, alongside confirmed Tara Reid, Aubrey O'Day, and LI'L WAYNE.

What a celeb fest.

We're just really excited about seeing Mark with his top off. Which is really shallow and probably a bit sexist and maybe a bit predictable, but we BIG FAT DON'T CARE.

The film's set to have a September 2011 release date which means he should be trotting around topless pretty soon...

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Let's look at some fit pictures of Mark...

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We think this last page is full of the fittest pictures of him.

Are you hoping he's signed up to star in Piranha 3D sequel?

Piranha 32DD?

Or could you not care less, won't be watching it anyway, and we're just a bunch of SICK FREAKS for even considering it?

What dyu reckon?

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