Miley Cyrus disgusted at lookalike sex doll

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Miley Cyrus is a pretty famous gal. She was Hannah Montana, she's dated a Jonas, she's got celebrity mates and family, has starred in films and released loads of music, and has a sex doll created in her image.

Yeah. That last one's not really the kind of thing every young girl aspires to have in her future is it?

Understandably, Miley's said to be 'disgusted' by the doll, called 'Finally Miley'.

The doll is wearing denim hotpants and a checkered shirt, is holding a guitar, and has a face with a stronger resemblence to Miley than some of the big-budget waxworks we've seen.

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Miley has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the company that created the doll - who say that the doll sold out within 48hrs of going on sale.

This didn't seem to stop Miley from having a good time at the Kids Choice Awards in LA, where she picked up the gong for Favourite Movie Actress, and was snapped giving Joe Jonas a big hug.

Click on for picture of Miley from the event...

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We think she looks gorgeous in her floaty spring dress.

What do you guys reckon?

She doesn't get a good time does she that Cyrus gal, hopefully this sex-doll mess will all clear up soon.

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