Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in saucy new Breaking Dawn honeymoon scenes

Edward and Bella Cullen's Breaking Dawn honeymoon certainly looks like it's being kept pretty true to the book if these scenes are anything to go by.

New pictures of what are thought to be new scenes to be added to existing honeymoon footage (see all the pics here) show Kristen Stewart in a skimpy green bikini, and a shirtless Robert Pattinson in what look like some really sexy wetsuit trousers.

OK they're about as sexy as a Louis Walsh topless calendar, but he can pull them off.

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We wish he did pull them off.


Kristen looks particularly naked, and is wearing her bikini in a weird -' let's just glue this on to her boobs and hope it doesn't fall down' - kind of way, but we assume that's just because she needed to look topless without actually being topless, and it's a good job she wasn't because, well, we'd have the pictures wouldn't we?

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Kristen looks awesome in her weird bikini-outfit, and Rob, well. He's a bit of a minger isn't he?


Wetsuit trousers, dodgy leggings... we'd take him in anything.

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