Katy Perry and Jessie J want to swap body parts!

Do we spy a new celebrity friendship? Jessie J and Katy Perry are the latest celebs to take to twitter to show each other some appreciation. The two are both touring down under and after meeting Jessie has said how much she wants Katy's boobs, while Katy would love a go of Jessie's pins.

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair Katy was quoted as saying "I don't care what they say about my boobs." Well we're sure she doesn't mind it when a fellow popstar gives her bazooka's some well deserved praise. They are some spectacular breasts.

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Jessie J said: “Just met @katyperry. The show was incredible, she is beautiful and so sweet. I wish I had her boobs lol #greatnight.”

And in the same way all Twitter love-fest's develop, Katy tweeted back “Nice to meet you too, you're a DOLL. And p.s. the offer still stands... I'll trade my tits for your gams!”  Gams are legs for those of you who didn't know. Why would you, it sounds like some sort of meat product.

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Oh if only it were that simple.

This happened to us one night when having a conversation with a friend about height. She was moaning about being too small and we were moaning about being too tall. Then her face lit up with all the wonderment of somebody who'd just had the most brilliant idea in the world, a simple swap. We kid you not, for a split second she actually thought it. It would be all good and well if it were actually possible.

Are you a fan of Katy's boobs? Think Jessie has some pretty tidy legs? Or do you think they've both got pretty good boobs and legs?!

Comments please!

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