Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's romantic getaway

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been planning this trip for a while, and have finally swanned off to the sunny shores of Hawaii together.

After spending a lot of time apart while Justin was on his world tour (apart from this brief reunion) the couple were planning on taking some time off together when it all came to an end.

They kicked things off by having a very public smooch at the Billboard Awards, and have now fled for sunnier climes. Well, sunnier than here anyway.

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The twosome have been soaking up the sun and Justin has been wandering around with his top off (click next for pics) while Selena's been showing off her tan in a bikini and daisy dukes.

Nice for some! We're meant to be in the middle of a firggin heatwave over here and when Sugarscape went out for lunch our hair got blown all over our face and we got half a tree blown onto us.

Pretty hard to style that out.

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Anyway, click next to see Justin and Selena making us all jealous by having a lovely time on holiday together. We'll be in the corner having a sulk / pulling bits of tree out of our top.




Ahh we're so jelllyyyyy.

Justin and Selena smooching at the Billboard Awards

Justin and Selena having a kiss on camera

Selena Gomez getting her sexy on at the Billboards

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