Justin Bieber supports Selena Gomez at Monte Carlo premiere

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Ahh it's always nice when someone's boyfriend shows them some support, and Justin Bieber has been particularly supportive of girlfriend Selena Gomez recently, cancelling an appearance in Canada to be with her when she was ill, and now attending the premiere of her film Monte Carlo. S'nice innit?

*gets on phone to Sugarscape's boyfriend and tells him how crap he is*

Leighton Meester seemed to be missing from the evening, but Selena and other co-star Katie Cassidy seemed to be having a good time anyway.

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Click next to see the rest of the pictures from the night. Ooh, and here's Selena on the way over to the premiere;

Click next for more pictures (mainly of Justin Bieber, for a closer look at Selena's outfit click here).

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Look at him looking all smug next to a picture of his lovely missus.


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