After Amy Winehouse's death, Katy Perry is "grateful" Russell Brand is clean.

Amy Winehouse’s death has shown the world once again how devastating and lethal drink and drug addictions can be.

Russell Brand, who was a close friend of Amy’s, knows more than most as he battled a heroin addiction for years but was able to get himself clean at the age of 27, unlike Amy who died at that age.

This week his wife Katy Perry spoke about how much work it takes to stay sober and how happy she is that he manages to.

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She told Good Morning America: "My husband, who's been clean and sober for almost nine years, you know, I see him working [on)] a [sobriety] programme and working on himself every single day and I see how much work it takes to be clean and sober when you have addiction on your hands.

"So it gave me a real gratefulness for my husband, who got clean when he was 27."

We hope that Amy’s death can encourage others to stay away from such harmful substances and realise how fragile life can be, and that figures such as Russell Brand can show that it is possible to overcome these battles.

Do you think more should have been done to help get Amy clean or was she beyond help?

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