Danielle Peazer & Liam Payne leaked pics: Danielle's response

Some photographs have been leaked of Liam Payne and the lovely Danielle Peazer, and she seems (quite rightly) a bit naffed off.

The pictures are actually very sweet, and show Liam and Danielle - we're guessing a while ago because of the bare trees and Liam's sleeker hair - kissing and holding hands in some cosy, wintery looking balck and white shots.

The Sun published them on their website this morning, here's a screengrab;

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The accompanying story says that Danielle had tweeted the pictures, which she's insisting is a lie.

"I love a bit of The Sun newspaper just like the next person," she tweeted.

"But no need to tell lies. Those photos were leaked after Liams email account got hacked, you will not find them in my 'tweeting history' :)"

She went on to tell another user; "I emailed them to my boyfriend in private and someone illegally hacked his account and leaked them. Its not my fault :) xx"

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Having your emails hacked must be a bigger pain in the arse than sitting on a cactus, so we can understand it might be annoying for Danielle - but really, they're very lovely pictures of the couple looking very loved up and happy.

Danielle's been getting a bit of abuse on Twitter too, which is awful to see. She hasn't done anything wrong, these people should cut her some slack. We're all for Danielle and Liam!

If you want to leave some nice messages for Danielle below showing your support then please do, and we'll tweet her the link.

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