Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez's shopping & cinema date

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If we were a celebrity earning millions of pounds and living in a house shaped like a dollar sign, had a pink swimming pool, unicorns roaming through our acres of land, a nightclub in the basement and champagne fountains outside, we like to think that when we went out on a date it would be a bit jazzier than your average couple's. Well, not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

Apparently Justin and Selena were spotted in LA last night having a very normal time.

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Reports say that they were shopping in downtown LA with Justin's big bodyguard Kenny, and that they went to catch a film later on that evening.

While that's all very nice and it's good that they're grounded blah blah blah, where are the frickin' unicorns? Look, they once went on a date to a smoothie shop, and it shook the world... zzzz.

Although last week Justin did allegedly leave fashion week early so he could fly across the country and be with Selena in Vegas before her huge show in Mandalay Bay (where she sported a Justin 'tattoo', pics here), so we guess that's quite showbiz really.

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What kind of crazy things would you do if you were a celeb? Or would you 'keep it real' like Jelena / Selieber?

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