Selena Gomez attacked on South Park!

Selena Gomez isn't having the best week is she? First she receives horrifying death threats from someone with a criminal history if stalking, and now South Park have aired an episode which sees the teen star getting beaten up for the amusement of Cartman.

Obviously the former is a lot worse but this is probably not the best way the week could have ended for her.

In the episode Cartman's teachers bring Selena Gomez to him at his request in return for a favour.

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Selena being the polite little cartoon that she is asks "I understand you really wanted to meet me. Do you want to get a picture together?" To which Cartman replies: "No thanks, okay, proceed,"

The teachers then hit Selena with a baking tray!

It's a bit mean!

Click next to see the video...



Poor Selena!

What do you think of this? Is it funny? Or have they taken it too far?

Comments please!

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