Robert Pattinson talks Kristen Stewart, the cooking channel and being protective.

One of our favourite things about Kristen Stewart is that she’s a cooking “nerd”. We like to imagine her really getting into a conversation on how is best to poach an egg and having a moan about Jaime Oliver.

Now her boyfriend Robert Pattinson has revealed that even when onset, KStew’s nerdiness is never far away.

"She's a nerd when it comes to cooking, especially on set. It was bizarre! She'd be in the trailer and the cooking channel was always on."

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He also admitted that he finds it hard when people criticise her and likes to protect the people he loves.

"I'm protective of anyone close to me. If people say anything about my family or friends, I feel protective and that's the one time I feel like I really have to do something about it."

Well isn’t that nice boyfriend talk? Cooking and protection – they almost sound like a regular dull couple. Bore off and have a row in the street or something…

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