Mariah Yeater's lawyer tried to settle Justin Bieber case out of court

We're all counting down the days until Justin Bieber takes the paternity test (it's like a really long episode of Jeremy Kyle or something) to prove if he is or isn't the father of Mariah Yeater's baby. Until then we can only speculate. This is exactly what we've been doing over new information from Mariah Yeater's lawyer.

He claims that they repeatedly tried to settle the case out of court to avoid publicity attention.

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Mariah Yeater's lawyer Jeffrey Levin explained that he tried to contact the Justin Bieber team on two occasions to try and get him to take a paternity test without the need for a court filing.

Challenging all those people who claim Mariah Yeater is just in this for the publicity he told the Daily News: "It could have been done painlessly, with the media never knowing about it."

But would it really have remained private?!

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So does this strengthen Mariah's case or actually damage it further?

It goes against a statement Mariah recently made to Insider, saying the case, "Had to be brought to his [Bieber's] attention... to everyone’s.”

Plus we imagine Justin Bieber's party receive a lot of crazy request and threats all the time from people claiming he's fathered their child or took them to the moon on his spaceship. If they had thought there was any truth in Mariah's claim then surely they would have taken up the offer to settle out of court?

Oh but it's all just speculation. What do you think?

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