Sugarscape has an iPhone app... WHEEEYYY!

There’s nothing that sucks about Sugarscape, nothing at all, except the fact that you can’t be at your computer to access it easily and at your convenience 24/ 7.

Well dear Scapers, we suck no more because as of NOW we have a shiny new iPhone and iPod Touch app which means you can hang out on our luverly little site whenever you like, oh and it’s totally FREE. Hold the frickin' iPhone.

So if you’re out and about, or stuck somewhere totally boring you can access all the latest news on fit lads, celebs, X Factor, fashion and beauty and loads more… by tapping your iPhone. OH LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET BETTER.

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To download and find out more about our app just visit simples.

Do you have the Sugarscape app yet? Will you be downloading?

Tell us what you think of it here!

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