Justin Bieber stands up for Selena Gomez in Kidd Kraddick row

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Justin Bieber has VALIANTLY come to the defence of his girlfriend Selena Gomez via a brief tweet of honour and virtue, standing up for her during a row with American radio show host Kidd Kraddick.

As you'll know, Selena tweeted t'other day the joyous news that her mother is pregnant, and told us all how excited she was to have a little brother / sister.

Kiss Kraddic talked about the news on his show, and was rumoured to have made some low-brow jokes about miscarriage, abortion, Mariah Yeater and other lovely things everyone wants to talk about when they're celebrating happy family news.

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"Kid I used to look up to you..." Selena tweeted.

"Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line."

Justin then followed suit and tweeted, "smooth kid. smh." See? He's SHAKING HIS HEAD IN SELENA'S HONOUR.

Kidd Kraddick replied and told Selena that he "never said one word about miscarriage, abortion, or anything of the kind. It's completely made up."

Turns out he did make some jokes about Selena being the real one who's pregnant and covering up for her mum, and that Justin Bieber is the one who got Selena's mum pregnant, and his co-hosts said that "Justin Bieber's making babies all over the place and everyone's just being paid off to protect him."

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