Harry Styles and Caroline Flack forced apart at the X Factor final?

So after Harry Styles was snapped leaving Caroline Flack's house early in the morning last week, after she spoke about them having lots of fun together and didn't deny any kind of love-fest-action, and after everything else, it's pretty much safe to assume that they're having all kinds of games of hide-the-sausage together isn't it?

Well, apparently the X Factor bosses have assumed much the same, and reportedly made sure they were kept away from each other over the weekend.

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What did they think was gonna happen? Caroline would interview One Direction on the Xtra Factor, stop mid-sentence, rip off her clothes and hop on Harry?

If anything that would have helped the ratings beat Strictly Come Dancing.

"Caroline and Harry are in the early stages of a romance and can't keep their hands off each other," some gobby source told The Sunday People.

"They want to spend as much time as possible together and thought that being in the same TV studios on Saturday night would be a great way to see other other.

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"But bosses took them both aside and warned them to stay apart.

"While they have no issue with Caroline's relationship with an ex-contestant, they fear the backlash which may arise if people see them or hear that they are cuddling and canoodling backstage."

Someone else spilled a load of love-beans to The Sunday Mirror; "Caroline and Harry are terribly mischievous when they are together and they needed to make sure things remained professional between them," they said.

"Harry was on one side of the building and Caroline was away on the other side."

So there we go. What do you reckon; are Haroline so randy they couldn't possibly be in the same room together, or is this all a load of DOO-HICKEY?

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