Sugarscape LADvent Calendar day 17: Harry Styles

We're only one week from Christmas now and we are getting ridiculously excited for Christmas day! We want a roast dinner and we want it now. But until we can get our mouth around some actual beef, feast you eyes on this hunk of beef.

Day 17 of the Sugarscape LADvent Calendar brings you the one and only Mr Harry Styles!

Realistlcally one day is nowhere near enough time to dedicate to such a face but we'll have to make do with what we have. Maybe we should dedicate January to him.

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Berrrr-utifal. We'll honestly give up Christmas dinner and all the trimmings (including the Christmas morning bacon and egg sandwiches, the whole bar of Toblerone and hot turkey rolls we have as well) if we can have Harry Styles on toast.

Caroline Flack you lucky, lucky woman.

Come back tomorrow for day 18 of our LADvent Calendar.

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