Paula Abdul storms off Jimmy Kimmel after being grilled about Rachel Crowe

If you've been watching X Factor USA you'll know all about the drama that went down when Rachel Crow was eliminated, If you haven't seen it watch the overly dramatic video here, and it didn't end there. Last night, whilst being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel with the other X Factor judges, it was Paula Abdul's turn to throw a hissy fit.

Paula Abdul at the Emmys

Apparently Jimmy started grilling her about the Rachel Crowe situation and Paula stormed off the set!

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A source told the Daily Mail: "Jimmy was so angry after last week's X Factor and Rachel's elimination he wouldn't let it go. He was talking about how Paula had told Nicole to let it go to deadlock, had a go at LA Reid then he said a few things to Paula about her groups and next thing she just walked off stage. There was something in the air as the atmosphere was so fiesty.'

So did the other judges run after her and demand that Jimmy apologise to her. No. In fact Simon Cowell bloody loved it. He tweeted after: "Just taped @jimmykimmel - Ouch! He's turned into me. Very uncomfortable, but brilliant!"

What do you think? Should Rachel have gone?

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