Kerry Katona: Harry Styles and Caroline Flack's relationship is wrong

Ok, so the age gap between Harry Styles and Caroline Flack is a little controversial and most people are finding it difficult to get their heads around, but one person we definitely didn't see having an opinion on the matter is Kerry Katona. Unless it was in their defense...

31 year old Kerry can hardly take the moral high ground, she's had a fair few scandals in her time, not to mention her own alleged 'relationship' with Lucien Laviscount who is only 19 himself, but she still reckons she can cast judgement on Caroline for dating Harry.

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In her OK! column Kerry wrote: "If it's a Demi and Ashton situation, that's different because they're older. But Harry is just a 17-year-old boy, so in my eyes it's just wrong. He's not long left school. He's not even allowed to drink yet."

To be honest we can't say we blame Caroline. Could you say no to Harry?

What do you think? Is the whole situation wrong? Does Kerry have any grounds to judge them?

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