The top three most ridiculous Harry Styles and Caroline Flack rumours...

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*Clears throat*

Dearly BeScaped, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and demise of the relationship of Harry Styles and Caroline Flack; or how we affectionately referred to them as, Haroline.


The couple, who had a 15 year age gap, were often the targets of much media attention, and the media being the whimsical and over-excited creatures they are, often liked to print stories about the couple that boarded on the sheer ridiculous.

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Can you all now please turn to page 2 of this story, to see some of the more absurd rumours that Haroline had to deal with.



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In at number 3 we have the “Moving in together” rumour.

This story was doing the rounds last week when it was reported in Look that Hazza was desperate to move in with Caroline to prove how mature he was.

Just as we were beginning to set up a shelter for Louis Tomlinson to crash on, Caroline took to her Twitter to offer this response to the story: "oh. My .Lord! Ha ha"

We think that says it all.

Click next to see what made the number 2 spot.






Closely following in second place was “Harry to get a Caroline tattoo.”

Ah, any self respecting couple in the media eye needs to have a tattoo related story about them. We were hoping that Harry would get Caroline riding a flying unicorn, brandishing a sword that said “Hazza + Cazza 4eva”, but it wasn’t to be.

"We all think he is mad," a source told The Metro. Not as mad as this rumour though.

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This week, a rumour so ridiculous that we didn’t even bother to cover it reared its little head. After Caroline wore a slightly loose fitting dress to the NTA’s Twitter was abuzz with posts that she was pregnant with Harry’s child.

The story was put straight by a @JodyFlack1 who may or may not be Cazza’s twin sister.

'”Do you mean pregnant? If so, no she isn't don't believe everything you hear love xx.”

All very, very silly.

Do you feel the world of celebrity news will be a less interesting place now that Haroline are no more? What has been the most stupid thing you’ve heard about them?


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