Peter Andre and Jordan clash again

Peter Andre is on the cover of Heat magazine today talking about his relationship with Jordan, with the headline “I’ve had enough of the rumours – I need to speak out.”

However, in what we would consider to be a pretty smart move, Jordan also decided to speak out, taking to her website ( to settle a couple of things that had been said in Peter’s interview.

Peter Andre and Jordan get angry at each other

Peter talked about many aspects of their relationship, pretty openly we thought. For example, when Heat asked him ‘Do you think it turned bad because you don’t want to get back together with her?’ Peter replied: “Well, I think there is some form of obsession with me, or us, and I just want to move on.”

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Jordan then retorted on her site with: ‘In any event Pete made clear in his New! Column at the start of January that there was no hope of us going back together and I had said the same in a statement from my management. He has repeated this line in an interview with OK! Now he was spoken about it again in Heat, yet apparently it is me that is obsessed?’

Interesting, eh?

Peter Andre and Jordan get angry about each other

They both touched upon different things, but quite a telling moment was when Jordan ended her statement with: ‘I am genuinely embarrassed to have to respond in this way.’ Meanwhile, Peter ended his interview by explaining that he decided to speak out now because he ‘started the year so positively and he wants it to continue.’

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We really don’t think he’s going the right way about it but there you go.

In short, Peter and Jordan have got two different sides to the same story, so make sure you pick up a copy of Heat magazine to read the full interview and then head over to Jordan’s website to see her response! We can’t wait to see where this drama leads!

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