One Direction bump into Kylie Minogue on plane

Long haul flights are never that fun, unless you happen to be One Direction, in which case those 11 odd hours could turn out to be pretty darn brilliant.

You see, not only did the Cabin Crew throw Harry Styles a birthday party on the jet back to London from LA, the lads also got to share the flight with none other than Kylie Minogue!

One Direction share a plane with Kylie Minogue

According to a source talking to The Sun: “Kylie was in First Class and had to pass the lads as she turned left to take her posh seat. They were starstruck when they plucked up the courage to say hello.”

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“She was lovely to the boys and wished them all the success with their career. She told them she was a fan.”

Oh how we would love to meet Kylie. She seems amazing.

One Direction share the plane with Kylie Minogue

Harry is a very lucky guy. We doubt many people can say that they had a party on a jet and met Kylie Minogue on their 18th birthday. And we bet Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry are really cute when they’re starstruck.

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