PICS: Cher Lloyd looks stunning in Disorder magazine

Cher Lloyd's gracing the cover of this month's Disorder magazine, and is working a number of different looks.

From sleek and glossy on the front...

cher lloyd on the cover of disorder magazine

To edgy black and white within the pages;

cher lloyd black and white in disorder magazine

She's looking cute lying on a sofa in leopard wedges that we HAVE to have;

cher lloyd on the sofa in disorder magazine, leopard print wedges

...and slightly scary (but fabulous) in a full length dress, too.

cher lloyd disorder black and white

Disorder magazine is out now, and you can pick up your copy by clicking here.

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Cher recently joined in an emotional discussion about cyber-bullying on BBC's Panorama. Watch the video here.

Cher Lloyd's hairvolution

Pics of Cher Lloyd in We Love Pop magazine

Cher Lloyd looking totally different in Wonderland magazine

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