Selena Gomez tweets ill photos of herself

Did anyone else see the photographs Selena Gomez posted on her Instagram of her looking all ill? Imagine her having to play a show in that state. Just look at her in the screen grab below, doesn’t she look awful?

Selena Gomez's Instagram Photo

She tweeted earlier in the day: ‘So sick today :(‘ along with the photo above, and we’re sure all her fans came out with sympathy colds too.

However, Argentinian fans we’re probably getting slightly worried considering she was in town to perform for them. They probably came out with lemsip and tissues.

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Luckily Selena, always the trooper, didn’t cancel and powered on through, while blowing her nose after every other song. She tweeted the photo below explaining: “During quick change I had a little ‘pick me up’ from my fans! Had to blow my nose every other song lol THANK YOU ARGENTINA”

Check out this screen grab of Selena surrounded by gifts and tissues.

Selena Gomez's second instagram photo

What we would give to look like that when we’re ill. People run in the other direction when they see us.

Images: Selena Gomez Instagram

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