Caroline Flack spotted kissing a mystery man??

Harry Styles, cover your eyes. Don’t read on, because we don’t want to make you upset. Why? Because apparently Caroline Flack has been spotted kissing a mystery man. Oh yes, you better believe it.

Caroline Flack has been spotted kissing a male friend

However, Entertainment Wise are reporting that this mystery man is just one of Caroline’s good friends. Not quite as exciting, but still.

Caroline was apparently spotted outside a London pub standing very close to the man and she even kissed him at one point. So he must be a really good friend then.

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They only split in January, but it seems that Cazza is not having the hardest time moving on, while there are reports circulating that Hazza is finding the whole break-up thing hard.

Caroline Flack with a mystery male

Oh, there are also reports that Harry and Caroline are going to be ‘planning a secret hook-up’ so to be quite honest, we don’t have a clue about what’s going on with them. And that’s probably the way it should be, really. Best to just leave them to get on with whatever they want to do.

Check out Caroline Flack’s starry eyelashes!

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