Harry Styles tells Caroline Flack 'I still love you'?

We thought Harry Styles made it pretty darn clear in his tweet on the 27th January (that date is etched in our memory) that he and Caroline Flack had separated. Remember how he said he hadn’t dumped Caroline and that it was a mutual decision?

It sounds crystal clear to us, right? Wrong, apparently.

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack still love each other?

Allow us to explain. Now magazine are reporting that they have some insider knowledge about Harry and Caroline.

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According to the magazine, Harry told Caroline: ‘I still love you’ last week. No ladies, your eyes do not decieve you.

They are also reporting that Harry has said that he will not ‘hook up with any other girls.’

See what we mean about insider knowledge? Well, it continues...

Since this revelation, Caroline has apparently been telling her friend:
“We speak almost every day. I miss him. The chemistry’s still there. It might not be over for good.”

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The source even went as far as to reveal Caroline’s feelings after hearing Harry utter those words that every girl wants to hear:

“Caroline never said that to him when they were together. She’s never wanted to let herself fall that hard because she knew deep down it wouldn’t last. So she told him she still cares deeply for him.”

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack still in love?

The source then rounded up the little kiss and tell session by saying: “They’re still pining for each other. Caroline won’t give up on them without giving it a shot.”

Right directioners, let’s have it. What do you think about these latest rumours? Fact or fiction? We just don't know what to believe these days.

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