Did Harry Styles & Alexa Chung party at the Groucho Club, exchange numbers AND make Caroline Flack jealous?

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We need to just get all this straight in our heads - bear with us. We already showed you that on Valentines Day, One Direction were in Paris seeing their French fans, and then when they got back to Landan, Harry spoke to Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung on Nick’s Radio 1 show.

We then showed you photographs of Harry leaving the uber fancy Grouch club with his new BF Nick, but what we didn’t tell you, because we only just gathered up all the rumours, was what happened in between.

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Prepare to roll your eyes at a brand new report about yet another Harry Styles night out.

Harry Styles and Alexa Chung hit it off

Apparently, after Harry did some romantic talking on Radio 1, he and Nick actually went WITH Alexa Chung to the Grouch Club - see how this is slotting in now?

The part we’re having an issue with however is what happened inside the club, because we obviously weren’t there. Handily, sources (or people picked at random from the street) spoke to some magazines about what happened inside.

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The only problem is, the general consensus is that Alexa and Harry hit it off, but Alexa’s representatives said that absolutely nothing is going on between them.

Look magazine’s source explained: “They had a brilliant night. Harry was buying all the drinks and I think Alexa was charmed by his generosity. It was late before they finally left in a taxi and Alexa was holding flowers that I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry gave her. He’s fancied her for ages and even had a poster of her on his wall.” (Right next to the one of him and Louis that is.)

Look’s source even went as far as to say: “They got on well and exchanged numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry asks her out again.”

Now magazine took a slightly different stance and wondered if Harry had forgotten about Caroline altogether and moved on with Alexa.

But then they said that Harry actually spent the whole evening confiding in Alexa and Nick about his heartbreak. If only Caroline knew, because according to Now’s source, Caroline was not all that happy about seeing Harry out on the town with Alexa and Nick:

“She’s pals with Nick, so when both Harry and Alexa were on his Radio 1 show earlier that evening, she thought the trio would probably end up going out. But obviously Caroline doesn’t like seeing Harry with a model – who would? It’s embarrassing because people will speculate.”

But, surely if you’re not going out anymore, it should make any difference for you? Daw, we’re confused all over again.

Alexa Chung and Harry Styles hit it off?

But the icing on the cake was the source revealing Harry’s Valentines text to Caroline: “It was simple. It said: ‘Miss you.’ She clearly missed him, too. She talks about them as ‘we’. They’re still close and reading between the lines, I think they may have even met up.”

Reading between the lines, we think some of this might be made up.

Don’t get us wrong, we totally don’t mind what Harry get’s up to, it’s just a bit frustrating when there are rumours flying about and we can’t work out what’s truth and what are blatant fibs.

We hope you guys can forgive us.

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