Bruno Mars rubs margarine and crushed up crisps in his hair to make it big

We've heard a lot of weird Hollywood trends in our time, but Bruno Mars' tips for achieving a gravity defying quiff might just take the biscuit. Or at least the crumbs anyway.


When trying to achieve volume, we had considered using everything from hair spray to glue to a full on wig, but apparently Bruno isn't that conventional. Instead he prefers to cook up his own recipe using whatever he happens to have in his kitchen cupboard.

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We don't mean he whips out the baked beans and dessicated coconut, but actually that's not far off.

According to Bang Showbiz, Bruno said: "I call my hairstyle the Wamp and Stomp. I can't give you exact measures but it's a lot of margarine, natural fruit juices and berries and, surprisingly, barbecue potato Popchips."

So if you want Hollywood hair in 3 simple steps, it sounds like all you need to do is smear a load of butter on yourself, sprinkle on some crisp crumbs and style.

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We would imagine you might need some supernatural fruit juice to pull that one off though.

"It stays in place for a while after that," Bruno added.

You don't say.

What do you think of that? Will you be trying the "Wamp and Stomp"? FYI, we probably won't be.

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