Katy Perry and Justin Bieber tweet congrats to One Direction

One Direction have been taking the USA and Canada by storm while on tour with Big Time Rush, what with all those screaming girls at every concert and signing they’ve done.

And all their hard work has paid off, because their album Up All Night is currently holding the top spots on the Canadian and US charts.

Is it odd that we feel proud?

One Direction get multiple congratulatory tweets from celebs

Well it’s not just us feeling that way, as some celebrities took to Twitter to congratulate the boys, with Katy Perry being the first to tweet her love for them.

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Well, not all of them, but in fact Niall Horan, whom she sent through at the X Factor auditions, way back when.

Niall tweeted ‘Guys you are unreal, directioners are incredible, love you all xx’

Katy Perry then tweeted back: ‘@NiallOfficial congratulations, you didn’t let me down! xo’

Niall then tweeted possibly the most heartfelt thing back we have ever read. It was super cute really:

‘@katyperry hey katy,thank you,let’s hope it holds out this week!Thank you for putting me thru!we’ve been working hard,I won’t let you down (sic)’

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Aw jeez, we’re welling up.

Katy Perry congratulates One Direction on Twitter

Then Justin Bieber got involved and tweeted ‘the new generation is taking over!’, followed by:

‘congrats to my dudes @onedirection for the #1 album on itunes and @thewantedmusic for the #2 on singles. We share the same queen. #Canadian’

Niall also tweeted: ‘thank you everyone who has brought Up All Night so far, ur amazing’, and the Biebs himself replied: ‘@NiallOfficial good guys always win bro. congrats’

Niall then said: ‘@justinbieber thanks a lot dude, much appreciated and yeh you’re right!’

He really is quite the socialite on Twitter these days.

Katy Perry, Niall Horan and Justin Bieber tweeting each other

We know you guys are torn down the middle about the possible collab, but don’t all these tweets between Niall and Justin just make the idea of One Direction working with him that little bit more of a possibility?

Just in case you missed it, here’s a video of One Direction performing on the Today Show

Oh, and all the pics as well

One Direction are performing on the Logies

One Direction’s first VEVO LIFT episode

Images: PA and Wenn

What do you think?

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